Motley London

Packaging design

          The success of the much-loved Motley packaging 1.0 was down to the understated simplicity of material – opting for a simple lid and base construction made from recycled greyboard. Although its exterior had eco credentials, its interior was filled with non-recyclable jewellery foam to create a structure to safely house the felt pouch, that minimised movement of the jewellery itself in transport. 
          Motley is all about the finer things in life but accessable to all, so with that in mind the book became the inspiration for the design packaging 2.0. High-end artist monographs to be exact. The exterior is a paper wrapped over board construction, with the sheets pre-printed to colour match the greyboard of packaging 1.0. 
          The inside was lined with a soft protective material made from recycled glass, in bright pink which framed the contrasting Motley orange faux-suede protective pouch containing the jewellery. The pouch itself was custom made to fit. Two sizes of box were created, small to house earrings and a larger size for everything else. A copper foil-blocked recylced trace paper wrap finished the packaging off.