Squire and Partners
Everything in its right place

Book design
Art direction

          Entitled 'Everything in its Right Place' from Radiohead's Kid A album, this monologue for architects Squire and Partners looked to uncover the workings of the practice rather than focussing the polished finished product. The resut being 250 pages that pieces together the thinking behind some of their more celebrated buildings but also many of the lesser known, smaller and more experimental projects. 
          To reflect this the projects were unpicked and thousands of drawings, images and reference materials were sorted and reduced to bring out the narrative.
          The covers feature an 'open bind' to reveal the pages within with greyboard chosen for the material for its raw look and feel. The names of all the membeers of staff were white foilblocked on the front and back cover, hidden the three quarter height gloss dust jacket. This featured a singular image that photographer Will Pryce shot made up of a montage of smaller images. Further images were created in style exploring different areas of their studio home. Designed at